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Why take photographs of products?

The Packshot is a must if you have an online business site, a catalog,
or just if you want to show your achievements on your website and especially on your social networks.
Funkographer is there to showcase your work.
We will define together the artistic direction to follow to sublimate your products.

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Are you craftsmen?

You are craftsmen and you know how to create things with your hands?
Taking photos that will highlight your achievements is a task that speaks little to you? It’s normal!
We are here to highlight the quality of your know-how and the reflection of your values.
Our photo studio is located in Nancy (54) but we can move of course.
The photos can be taken in natural light and outdoors to show them in the context you want and view!

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Packshot price

The price of the service varies depending on different factors.
The price varies depending on the size of the objects, the quantity if they are part of a series, the material to be used and the production to be set up, of course.
We will be able to guide you, but think about whether you need to find a decor, accessories, etc. As part of clothing lines or luxury products such as jewelry, glasses or aesthetic enhancement, it will be necessary to find a model, again, we can help you on this point!
Do not hesitate to send us your request so that we can establish a personalized quote. Contact us.

Where, who, whose, why, what?

It all depends on you, what you sell and the image you want to convey.
If you sell more small products and you have to make new collections regularly, consider a simple plain background or a decor that will not change is a good option.
The Nancy-based studio will suit this kind of performance and you will have no constraints.
In addition, your customers will find it easier to visualize the product easily with a constant visual.
We are retouching the photos so that the colors and sizes are identical on all the photos.
Do you sell interior decoration items?
Do you want to create a picture of your own?
We suggest that you develop a real artistic direction.
The advantage is that your customers will recognize your photo, style and spirit at a glance.
Do you need an enhancement for products to be worn?
It is obvious to want to know how a garment falls on a model…
And customers will find it easier to plan to carry your product.
In the context of jewelry for example.
This is purely subjective and depends on your line and your vision.
If you want to break the codes, get out of the competition at first glance, focus on your image rather than reading the product.

We are here to advise you on the choices to take for your pack-shot.

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Need a freelance?
A graphic designer & illustrator

Whether it is to set up your graphic charter, create your logo, design a poster and flyers for an advertising campaign, design your album cover or many other things.
It will surely have to call on a graphic designer and / or an illustrator.
Although many online services offer turnkey solutions, they will never be your identity and only a specialist will understand your needs.

An image specialist

Calling on a graphic designer, an illustrator and even a photographer are the most judicious and current solutions to obtain a professional quality work.
Admittedly, however, do not expect a complete graphic identity proposal in less than 24 hours
(at least if you want an original and successful product, which I suppose if you read these lines).

However, we will of course be able to adapt and provide you with the flexibility necessary to achieve the best of your project.

A true professional

The freelance professional mastered his skills, which allows him to acquire the many necessary skills. We train regularly to be always at the forefront. It is unthinkable to fall asleep on our laurels (just sometimes on the graphics tablet when we have stayed up too late to complete an urgent task).
We not only master the elements inherent in our business, but we are also aware of your problems as a business manager, we have the same!
You remain of course the decision maker, but it is in a partnership that we will live the relationship at work.

Bright colors?
Pastel? Filters?

Are your products young or fashionable?
Structured, contrasting and colorful product images are that kind.
They allow you to attract your future customers easily by conveying an image on the page.

Black and White or Color

The color appears obvious on the product photos.
For its understanding and its visualization.
But a black and white photo can really emphasize a luxurious side …
(We all remember an Aubade ad, a watch or a black and white perfume …)
Of course you will not be able to show the different nuances but it is a bias that has proven itself and we will be able to advise you.

Vintage fashion

Vintage is still well established and paradoxically, renews itself!
It is to be taken with some caution however.
It may not match your image if you want to exude a luxurious or upscale aesthetic.
If you want to appeal to a large clientele or if you are targeting a younger sector such as influencers.
This style of packshot is then made for you, to show that you are in tune with the times, and that you know and follow the fashion codes.
Vintage is also interesting to highlight the historical know-how of your company.
If your processes or products have been done the same way for years or by descent.
Put it forward aiming at the fact that you work with quality, robust and local materials.

A win-win relationship

Our goal is to establish a relationship of trust, which is satisfactory for all, so that you will want to call on us again later.
The consistency of our work is at stake.
In this sense, if we accept your mission, it is because we are able to carry it out.
You will therefore have a motivated, efficient and serious person at your side.
And this for a determined time from the start, which also facilitates relationships.

Exemple of a corporate lifestyle Customer Shoot



Amazing people and work!
Very professional and friendly.
Great personality, unique style, do not hesitate to meet this team,
you won’t regret it.

Lise L., Modèle

Magnifique rencontre, photographe très professionnel, sérieux , de bonne humeur qui sait vraiment mettre son modèle en valeur et à l’aise..
il est accompagné d’une maquilleuse fantastique et très pro ..
à eux deux ils vous feront des photos d’une qualitée exceptionnelle et les transformerons en véritables œuvres d’art..
matériels a la pointe de la technologie et visualisation des photos lors du shooting en direct sur écran…
je les recommande à 100%…merci à vous..

Alexia W., Modèle

J’ai eu l’occasion de travailler avec l’équipe, une prestation au top, très professionnelle.

Le résultat a été époustouflant, le traitement des photos rapide et en plus nous avons passé un agréable moment.

Joanne L., Modèle

Un travail vraiment clean, par un couple adorable (en plus d’être carrément fun),
qui te met dans l’ambiance, te pouponne, te prends en photo et t’envoie le résultat rapidement.
Résultat d’autant plus cool qu’ils ont un style bien à eux ! Merci encore pour tout !

Juliette A., Modèle

Une équipe incroyable, professionnelle et talentueuse.
Super implication, super ambiance !
Les thèmes, les costumes, les maquillages, rien à dire.
Merci à vous deux, vous êtes géniaux!

Mitsouko L., Modèle

J’ai passé une fabuleuse après midi, ils sont professionnelles et pas à court d’idées.
On ressent une belle âme d’artiste.
Je recommande avec plaisir ce couple complémentaire.
À très bientôt

Everley C., Modèle

Funkographer ont couvert notre évènement culturel à la perfection.

De superbes photos, bien investi et très pro.
On les recommande vivement !

Victor R., Musicien | Brasseur

La meilleure expérience photo qu’il me soit arrivé, merci a vous!

J’ai passé un super moment, duo très pro.
Des personnes adorables qui savent mettre a l’aise.

En plus de faire de belles photos, vous transmettez les émotions, vous racontez une histoire.
Il y a un vrai travail de mise en scène et la créativité est au rendez vous!

Sarah J. H., Modèle

Une équipe vraiment au top super pro avec qui nous avons passer un super moment .

Merci encore !

David C., Modèle

Vous êtes une équipe vraiment au top.

Une gentillesse exceptionnelle,
vous arrivez à détendre les gens pour qu’il soient plus à l’aise pour le shooting.

Vous avez de superbes idées de mise en scène pour la réalisation de vos photos.
Et vos photos sont tout simplement magnifiques.

Rico T., Client

Humour, bonne humeur, et grand professionnalisme sont au rendez vous.

Un moment de pur bonheur avec des gens extraordinaires, à l écoute de leur modèle.

Merci encore pour ce moment de bonheur.

Allan L., Modèle

Photographe au top, également sa maquilleuse et coiffeuse.
Très sympathiques et pro.
Un très bon moment dans la bonne humeur et rires, no stress.
Un résultat magnifique, j’adore.
A refaire !!!

Laeti V., Cliente

De la passion enrobé de maîtrise, je recommande!

Stéphane J., Client

Merci pour tout, des photos vraiment magnifiques.
Très beau travail nous sommes plus que ravis.
Je recommande vivement pour tous vos événements.

J. De Oliveira, Evenementiel

Travail sérieux, de grande qualité. Nous sommes comblés. Je recommande

Jérôme O., Modèle

Une équipe à l’écoute et un œil professionnel qui sais mettre en valeur les modèles.
J’ai adoré mon shooting.

Jeremy R., Modèle
Photographe vérifié

We can help you on all your projects