Partnership with Slagwerk Atelier

Proud to finally be able to announce that we are officially partners with Slagwerk!

A Holland-based company specializing in high-end adult and BDSM accessories since 2018 (just like us!)
Number of Dominas, pornstars, and sex workers use their gear, and it’s quite understandable given the quality of the work.

Whips, canes and others, entirely handmade with Italian leather, stainless steel metals, laser engravings to customize, or even inlays in precious stones or gold finishes for the most demanding.

You can go see all the details directly on their site.
Or contact us if you want to take advantage of a promo!

To celebrate, we’ve concocted no less than 28 new photos for you!
All are part of the partnership and present the gear that Slagwerk has specially made for the occasion!

To know,

A 80cm Rod with Carbon Core, Stainless Steel Tip and Finish, Black Braided Handle.
and Funkographer / Slagwerk Atelier logo laser engraved.
indicative value; around 200€ (excluding postage and options)

A 90cm Black Whip / Flogger, High Quality Full Rubber on Braided Handle, 88 Strands x 2mm, Stainless Steel Finish.
and again, laser engraved Funkographer / Slagwerk Atelier logo.
indicative value; around 200€ (excluding postage and options)

Single Black Italian Calfskin Tongue/Tail, 100cms length, Braided Black Italian Calfskin Handle.
and always, the Funkographer / Slagwerk Atelier logo laser engraved.
indicative value; around 200€ (excluding postage and options)

The work was carried out in collaboration with the models;

Célina Dollworld
Insta @celinadollworld
Mym @Celinadoll

Franky Dia
Insta @diafranky

Blanche Marie
Insta @blanch.schnee.2
Twitter @Blanche


Dom & Yse
Insta @dom_et_yse

Photos credits;
All Rights Reserved

Many of these photos are part of the “paraphilia” and “pornart” projects, all the projects of which can be found on the dedicated pages.

link to portfolio Paraphilies

link to portfolio Pornart

As the non-adage goes;
“Buy from artists while they are alive…
After that it is of no use to them and it costs more!”

It is only with your support that we can continue!
A full screen is available for each photograph.
They are on sale in Art prints limited to 30 copies and certified, details on the dedicated page here

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Sexual practice consisting in asphyxiating oneself, or in asphyxiating one’s partner, in order to derive sexual pleasure from it.

Doigt de cour

Expression of 18th century libertine poetry, which designates the middle finger, the middle finger, the middle finger, the longest, the most esteemed of the five, since it is he who sponsors female masturbation.


The word for “chastise” (mastigoô) literally means “to whip, flog”.
A Spartan aristocrat, named Lichas, had braved the exclusion from the games imposed on Sparta which, in 420 BC. AD, was at war with Elis. Lichas however competed in the chariot race, under the name of the people of Thebes and, his fraud discovered, was whipped. Despite their surprise at this form of punishment for free men, imbued as they are with the Greek ideology of physical punishment marks slaves


Repeated, intense, incoercible erotic interest involving a partner who presents a mesomorphic morphology according to the classification of Sheldon i.e. a body usually powerful, compact in muscle.


Abbé Boileau’s book, L’histoire des flagellants, published in Latin in 1700.
This book did not fall from the sky, it is the answer of a free-spirited priest at a time when the flagellation settles in the convents. ‘There must be no doubt’, he tells us, ‘that this usage reigns in the societies of modern monks and monks, especially in those which, under the pretext of reform, have abolished the old rules by new constitutions. He therefore wants to demonstrate that this practice of flogging — or discipline, as it is now called — is a novelty. Nothing new in this review. But what especially attracts the wrath of Boileau is that, now, we flog our buttocks.


The apartment of women in ancient Greece, a place of enigmatic intimacy forbidden to any male presence, like the oriental harem or the Hindu purdah.

Psychopomp / Thanatophilia

In mythology, a psychopomp god (Ancient Greek: ψυχοπομπός / psukhopompós, literally meaning “guide of souls”) is a conductor of the souls of the dead (like a guide or ferryman).


(from ancient Greek ἑταῖρα / hétaíra) is in ancient Greece an educated and high social level woman who offers companionship, sexual services, often on a non-punctual basis. She may look like a courtesan.


Sexual excitement caused by the pinching of the skin.



practice of spanking with a cane or wand


from the Greek “constraint”


To be sexually aroused by being restricted/constrained


japanese chopstick holder


In ancient Greek, the term prosopon originally referred to its “face” or “mask”.
In this sense, it was used in the Greek theater, since the actors wore specific masks on stage,
in order to reveal their character and emotional state to the public at orgiastic feasts in honor of Dionysus.


In Greek mythology, Narcissus is a hunter from Thespies, in Boeotia.
He is the son of the nymph Liriope and the river god Cephisa.
Narcissus is endowed with great beauty which earned him to have all the men and women at his feet.
Narcissus’ mistake is to adore a reflection, an appearance, as if it were being;
it’s wanting to possess a shadow, and above all not understanding that this reflection is only an emanation of the soul that is within us.


Greek time concept.
dimension of time having nothing to do with the linear notion of chronos (physical time),
could be seen as another dimension of time creating depth in the moment.
One relates to another perception of the universe, of the event, of oneself.
An immaterial notion of time measured not by the watch, but by feeling.

In the arts:
it is the tiniest nuance, the tiniest correction,
who makes the work successful, it has become, by implication,
the moment when an artist must stop and let his work live its own life.

Kaïros is represented as a small god of opportunity, who must be caught when he passes (seize an opportunity)


The water lily flower (Nymphéa) kills an insect to be able to collect pollen from another flower and thus be fertilized.


Chirophiles are sexually attracted to hands


Excitement by being choked by strangulation.


obligation incumbent on every Spartan, in his youth,
to submit with an enduring serenity to the blows of the whips within the framework of this ritual.


In Greek mythology,
Icarus (in ancient Greek Ἴκαρος / Ikaros) was the son of the Athenian architect Daedalus and Naupacté (also called Naucrate), a Cretan slave.
He is mainly known to have died after flying too close to the Sun.
as he escaped the maze with wings created by his father out of wax and feathers.

The photographs are not free of rights.
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