Nouveaux Artworks in the new studio.

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The work was carried out in collaboration with;

Pascal Skapal (Rigger / Shibari)

Michèle (Model)

Credits photo;
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Japanese title that designates someone who has knowledge, a skill in an art.
A sort of mentor whose teaching goes beyond the mere transmission of an art, he is a master of the way.


Literally translates to “what the mind thinks, the heart conveys” Interpersonal relationship through sincere and tacit mutual understanding and/or communication from the heart.


Mizuage (水揚げ?, pronounced “mi-dzu-a-gue”, literally “raising water”)

Conveying alone a large number of clichés and fantasies.
The moment when the maiko changes status to become a Geiko (dixit; Geisha of Kyoto)
The most widespread being the sale of the virginity of the maiko, sold to a danna (protector) who one imagines necessarily salacious and lustful.
The danna is a rich man who, in addition to paying the geisha’s services at his usual rate, gives her gifts and offers her money to help her repay her debt.
Historically false and only conveyed by Westerners, especially by post-World War II Americans, who anyway did not differentiate between Onsen-Geisha and Geisha.
The spa towns (Onsen) being then very frequented by prostitutes, they did not hesitate to pass themselves off as geisha to attract the favors of more fortunate customers than usual.
The geisha practicing her art in a so-called “pleasure” district. In Japanese, the word is much more poetic: Hanamachi, “the street of flowers”.
The West hearing “pleasure district” implies “carnal pleasures”, which is not necessarily the case in Japan.

It is in fact a founding passage that marks the end of his training and his transition to adulthood.
On this occasion, a party is given in her honor during which the erikae takes place: she is authorized to change her collar.
Abandoning the red collar of the maiko to wear the immaculate white collar of the geisha.
They also change their hairstyle, forgetting the momoware of the apprentices for the ofuku of the confirmed ones.
The mizuage being a sale in order to repay the debts of the Maiko to her Okiya, it could reach astronomical sums but no correlation with the sale of virginity, only to gain the favor of these extraordinary creatures. Kind of proof of power for wealthy investors.
We can however consider that certain abuses took place in view of the time, the price paid, and the lechery of certain men at a particularly patriarchal time.

Diptych on cold steel

Two new photographs have been added to the Cold Steels project.
NB; Series started in 2019 and still ongoing. In Tribute to my Father (Fencing/Weapons Master)

(s’~) Effacer

In fencing;
(s’~) Hold aside or set back (a part of the body, a limb), so as to present the least surface or protrusion. Erase the body, one shoulder, the belly.

(se~) Livrer

In fencing;
give some advantage to his opponent.

PornArt Triptych

To conclude,

Three new PornArt photographs are added to the Paraphilias series.

paraphilies, paraphilie, paraphilia, funkographer, pornart, caviar


paraphilies, paraphilie, paraphilia, funkographer, sitophilie, sushi, pornart

Sitophilie – Sitophilia

Using food for sexual purposes

paraphilies, paraphilie, paraphilia, funkographer, pornart,


Composed of Autophagy, from the Greek words autos “oneself”, and phagein “to eat”.
And from philia, suffix including sexual attraction used to define paraphilias (sexual attractions)
Sic to linguists…

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