All the photos were taken during an urbex shoot (urban exploration).
Produced on September 9, 2020.
The place is not revealed in order to preserve it from further damage.
All the credits can be found under the photos.
A full screen is available for each photograph.
They are on sale as an Art print limited to 30 copies and certified, details on the dedicated page here

Interview with Geïko following the Shooting;

I first felt this adventure as an intimate encounter,
The stifling heat (nb; heatwave of August 2020 in France, 40 ° C on average), the traces of fire, the sounds and whispers, the burning of the ropes by the temperature, the make-up by the simple grime of the calcination.
The dilapidated dynamics of this place steeped in history which today is unveiled, a dark image, revealing its former grandeur, borrows from a deep respect.
Exposed before us like a wounded animal, this awareness was saving for us in order to reveal its forgotten beauty.

By its architecture, its omnipresent degradation, the smallest object that can leave its imprint on our skin, the nudity in the middle of the dirt made me live this shooting with a lot of complicity.
Each of us was thus able to experience different feelings and emotions, which coordinated artistically speaking and led to the determination to go beyond our own limits. The confidence that reigned allowed us to express ourselves thanks to the talent of Skapal’s Shibarist encordeur.
This, as much by the improvised staging, as the improbable angles.

The constraints of the Urbex imposing in fact not to degrade anything, find the unusual through HS radios, electrical coils and firefighter equipment, table legs, motherboard, shoes, broken glass, traces of life … all this rubbish allowing unusual and improbable staging.
The risk-taking through suspensions several tens of meters high below this canopy were a bias assumed to disregard, and thus allow a letting go of life, honoring full confidence in the assistants and the wrapper, and leaving very few possibilities for photographers to adjust the technique to the detriment of safety.

One regret all the same, the lack of time and the creative constraints with such a invested and united team would have led us to several days of shooting, which we could not afford.


1; Ex nihilo
(Starting from nothing)

2; Gnôthi seauton
(Know thyself)
Inscription engraved on the pediment of the temple of Apollo at Delphi and which Socrates had chosen as his motto.

3; In fine
(at the end)


A big thanks to model ; @co_geiko
Rope Artist/Rigger; @skapalphotography
Photo and post-prod @thefunko